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Focus on Facebook

Social media marketing campaigns used to be easier.  On Facebook, you tried to encourage users to follow your brand’s page, and you fed them content about your brand via regular updates.  That strategy continues to be a tactic as part of a social media strategy, but it does not reach the same size audience as it used to.
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The Future of Direct Marketing

What’s the future of direct marketing?  Well, if you ask me (and someone did since I’m writing this month’s article), the future of direct marketing looks phenomenal.  There are those that believe that direct mail is dying. But to them I say – no way. In fact, I think it is on the upward trend...
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A Unique Way to Drive Sales: Get the Neighborhood Involved in a Good Cause

For retailers large and small, running multiple promotions at once requires high-level strategic thinking to ensure that each promotion drives sales in a unique way, standing out from each other as well as competitors’ promotions. SKM supermarket retail client TOPS Friendly Markets spends the majority of their traditional advertising efforts promoting savings across the store on shopper’s favorite brands...
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Mary Todd Lincoln—PR Maven?

I love PR.  I also love history (nerd alert!).  So imagine my delight when I found this article a few weeks ago.  While the article itself is interesting from a historical perspective (a group of preservationists and lawyers serving as judges will get together next month to retry Abraham Lincoln’s widow for insanity...
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Q4 Media Challenges

Fourth quarter is definitely a challenging time for media planners/buyers. With the political season in full swing and the holiday push for retailers to exceed their year-end revenue goals, inventory across all media channels becomes tight. In order to plan and execute a successful fourth quarter buy, timing is everything.
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Missionary Award Winner – August 2012

And the winner is...Miss Angela Twentyfive!   An integral part of the accounting department, Angela's hard work and long hours did not go unnoticed last month. Thanks for all you've done and continue to do, we appreciate it!
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