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Focus on the Benefits of Focus Groups

Focus groups are an important—and sometimes essential—part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. Focus groups are a type of qualitative research used to study end-users’ perceptions, feelings, thoughts and other data which are difficult to measure...
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Plan for the Future, Succeed In the Present

It’s that time of year again.  Time for colder weather, enjoying our families during the holidays and looking back on all that we accomplished in 2012.  It’s also time to look forward to the promise of 2013...
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Operation: Publication

SKM Group offers deep experience in magazine and publication production. Whether the publication is online or print, we handle everything from concept to completion – design, copywriting, food styling, talent, photography, production, and distribution. We have experience creating annual reports, catalogs and magazines for many industries, including retail...
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Superstorm Sandy Changes Insurance Companies’ Plans This Fall

Two weeks ago, Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast and rocked New York City, New Jersey, Maryland and other coastal areas. Many of our clients and friends were without power for days and weeks and some are still without power today. At SKM, we have been counting our blessings and talking about how thankful we are to have been spared...
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Missionary Award Winner – October 2012

Kudos to Media Buyer, Jill Kroll, for being chosen as the October Missionary Award winner!  Jill worked long hours perfecting banner tags and online placements and stepped up to the plate, handling new markets when a coworker was out of the office. Well done, Jill, well done.
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“Old School” Marketing; “New School” Importance

In modern marketing there are a lot of rules, some of which are meant to be broken and some that are meant to be followed to the letter. There are also hundreds of principles that influence marketing and these principles are consistently...
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