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Sharknado 2 Bites Into Ad Revenue

SyFy’s Sharknado 2 original movie took Twitter by storm last night.
The much anticipated sci fi sequel where tornados filled with sharks hits NYC, was a huge integrated marketing success for the brands that jumped on board. The B movie has become a cult classic […]

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Sharing a Passion for Freshness

When you’re competing in the grocery retail industry, produce is a huge part of your business. SKM Group supermarket client TOPS Friendly Markets is no exception; their team of produce experts have been bringing their passion for freshness to the neighborhoods they serve for […]

Making Memories at the SKM Family Picnic

Hi, everyone.  Skomer here, reporting on yet another SKM event.

By now you’ve probably figured out that we love rewarding team members for their hard work. Food, parties and the opportunity to give back are all great morale boosters that let everyone know how much […]

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Western New York is Moving Manufacturing Forward!

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to Michael Ulbrich, President of EWI New York and director of the state-backed Buffalo Niagara institute for advanced manufacturing. The advanced manufacturing institute, run by EWI which is based in Columbus, Ohio, was built to support the […]

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Drawing Up Success: An Identifix Video Case Study

The best marketing decisions should be rooted in knowledge of your consumer and market. This can improve targeting and relevance – and ultimately generate optimal results. To learn how you can refine your marketing, check out this short video case study below about a […]

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Grocery Retail: An Ever-Evolving Market of Ideas

If there was ever a place to discover the newest flavor profile of a product, how to speak to a specific target audience or a way to explore the latest inventions in the world of grocery retail, the 2014 FMI (Food Marketing Institute) International […]

Insta-yes or Insta-no?

Instagram, one of the fastest growing social networks, is used by brands for sharing images and short videos of people, events, places, etc. According to, within the last year, 55 percent more brands are using Instagram than just one year ago, accounting […]

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SKM Group Announces New Hires In The Operations and Media Departments

Depew, N.Y. – SKM Group, a full-service marketing communications agency, has several personnel announcements:

Chelsea Kleinfelder has been hired as a receptionist. She was previously the customer service representative at the Quieter Home’s Demonstration Home, a collaborative effort between SKM Group, the Buffalo Niagara International […]

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Want to Make Something Go Viral? Create a Video #Likeagirl.

One of the trends we are seeing from big brands is that everyone wants to make a viral video or viral post. Going viral isn’t something you can guarantee will happen or even set into action. You have to just make the content, set […]

Missionary Award Winner – June 2014

Let’s give art director and mommy-to-be, Lisa Dojnik, a well-deserved round of applause for being chosen as the Missionary Award winner for June. As always, Lisa went above and beyond last month, staying late, filling in for her coworkers when they were out of […]