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Should I be embarrassed by my utility bill?

Utilities aren’t known for being great marketers because, for many years, they didn’t need to be. And for most customers, that is just fine with them. I’ve been working with utilities for a decade and any time research is conducted with utility customers, an overwhelming majority of consumers say something to the effect of “as long as my lights are on, I don’t need to talk to them.” Now, with most utilities across the country touting energy efficiency programs, renewable energy and conservation tips, they need to learn how to communicate with their customers without annoying them.
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5 Social Media Best Practices for Insurance Companies

Insurance can be considered an “unsexy” product by some (OK, almost everyone). People don’t typically enjoy shopping for coverage and may have a difficult time understanding industry jargon. Persuading social media followers to dump a bucket of ice cold water over their heads probably isn't the best way for Allstate or Geico to engage its customers. Instead, they are using other creative ways to get their message across to current and potential customers on social media. Their main goals: educate customers about their services, complete a hard sell or simply to build brand awareness.
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Going Native: How Traditional PR Is Embracing Paid Content

At a time when access to online news is free and traditional news outlets are quickly losing revenue, they must either make up the costs or face shuttering. Many are turning to a concept that isn’t a new one, but one that’s been somewhat of a redheaded stepchild in the history of journalism: native content.
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Subscription Services Provide Value to Consumers and Retailers

What’s everyone buzzing about? Subscription boxes! These small packages have created a huge movement in the online retail industry.
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Mobile-Friendly Marketing Is a Must

As we predicted in a previous blog post, more and more people are using their mobile devices throughout the day, forgoing desktops or laptops. In fact, according to multiple sources, about 60 percent of adults use their mobile devices as their primary source for accessing emails and the internet.

Guerilla Marketing in a Financial World

Financial marketing does not need to be dry. It doesn’t even need to follow the norm when it comes to getting recognized. It simply needs to resonate with your potential customers and entice them to give you an extra look as a financial institution. In the marketing biz, we’re always looking for new opportunities to wow customers and take your traditional #10 package to the next level, and guerilla marketing can help do that.
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Touch your direct mail. Does it feel like a winner?

The goal with every direct mail piece is simple: engage customers and get them to respond. Most people think being eye-catching is the only way to engage potential customers. Luckily, we know there are many products available to us to make them not only look different but also feel different and standout in a crowded mailbox.

Bernie Gives Us the Skinny on Account Supervisor Ashley Lewis

For this edition of “Meet the Bloggers,” we thought we’d shake things up a bit and ask one of SKM’s preeminent pooches, Bernie, the questions about our subject. As someone who knows her the best (he might even argue that Ashley’s husband, Patrick, comes in a distant second), we found that Bernie held nothing back when telling us about his mom, from her multi-tasking abilities as she juggles the demands of her job at SKM and motherhood (human son Henry, or Hank, was born in October), to her role in helping win SKM new business, and even her weekend routines. Ashley has been with SKM since August 2014. She’s responsible for the agency’s new business accounts, shaping our approach to seeking and securing new opportunities, as well as creating proposals and playing a matchmaker of sorts by making sure the right people at SKM are on the pitching team.
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