#2 – Everlasting Love

We’ve all seen the Subaru “Love” ad campaign over the years. It’s been around since 2008. Why has it been such a successful campaign for Subaru? One word. Emotion.

Remember this spot:

Yep. I remember it too. It touched an emotional chord with me. I have two young boys that will one day be driving. That’s scary.

The poignant stories, the fantastic soundtrack—they all work really well in these spots. Stories of longevity, safety, versatility and adventure are the four pillars of Subaru’s advertising. Mixing those four pillars with emotional stories about everyday life = home run.

One of the more recent spots is another great one:

If you need a tissue, go ahead and get one. I’ll wait.

The soundtrack alone is awesome. Again, I can relate. My kids leave their crap in my car all the time. It drives me crazy. But when you put it in this context, it pulled me right in.

It all comes back to one word: emotion. Whatever you are selling, make me cry, make me laugh, make me connect. Without that connection, you’ve lost me. Kudos to Subaru for the love since 2008.

Rob Murphy
Creative Director