Don’t Overstuff Your Package: 3 Tips for Direct Mail Design

Have you ever opened up a piece of direct mail and felt like you have been bombarded with an information overload? Chances are you didn’t read a word of it and everything ended up in the garbage. When designing a new direct mail campaign, […]

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A Smashing Design Conference! Literally.

Ever heard of Smashing Media? They’re a young and growing publishing house, providing a wide range of services for the international web design community. You may have heard of Smashing Magazine, their lead publication and a key resource for developers and designers.

In addition to […]

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Inspired Design

For a chilly couple of days in early November, over 1,800 attendees gathered in Toronto for this year’s DesignThinkers Conference. DesignThinkers welcomed speakers from around the world to share experiences, inspire new ways of thinking and celebrate the power of design.

A few memorable quotes […]

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5 Years and Going Strong

For our fifth year of the TOPS Monopoly Collect & Win promotion,  SKM was challenged to make our theme and creative bigger and better than ever! This year included over $25 million in cash, prizes and money-saving offers. The program was executed in over […]

No, No, No. What Not to Do on Landing Pages


Typically I like to be a bit more positive but there’s a bunch of no-no’s when it comes to building effective landing pages. Landing pages are simply the place to send potential customers to get them to perform a desired action […]

Evolving a Brand

In today’s age of instant access, evolving a brand can be like lighting a Molotov cocktail. Consider the cautionary tale of the Gap. After decades of building an iconic brand, the company decided it needed a logo change. The company spent millions on the […]

Lettuce Help You Get Free Towels


As a promotional retail grocery store, our client, TOPS Friendly Markets, is always looking for new and innovative ways to excite their customers. Going into the fourth quarter in 2013, they wanted to provide...

For that Special Touch, Design it by Hand


It’s not every day that a contemporary graphic artist gets to create something from scratch. Technology has given us so much—especially when it comes to fonts. But sometimes, to create something truly authentic and original, you have to step...

Operation: Publication

SKM Group offers deep experience in magazine and publication production. Whether the publication is online or print, we handle everything from concept to completion – design, copywriting, food styling, talent, photography, production, and distribution. We have experience creating annual reports, catalogs and magazines for many industries, including retail...
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Sell Your Product In-Store? Start with the Packaging, Then Add Support.

The design of your product’s package may very well be your best sales tool. Your competition is sitting on the shelf right next to your product. So, your product’s package can give you a big competitive advantage by getting your consumer engaged...
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