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Automotive Dealership Perception – A Lot has Changed with Lots

The last ten years have brought about many changes in the automotive dealership industry. Gone are the days of the plaid suit charlatan. That image has been replaced with comfortable showrooms, user-friendly websites and loads of data. Price transparency and customer-first thinking have led […]

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Touch your direct mail. Does it feel like a winner?

The goal with every direct mail piece is simple: engage customers and get them to respond. Most people think being eye-catching is the only way to engage potential customers. Luckily, we know there are many products available to us to make them not only look different but also feel different and standout in a crowded mailbox.

Standing for Something in a Crowded Space: MASH Urgent Care

MASH is the leading urgent care facility in Western New York and sees more patients than any other urgent care practice. As the urgent care concept is rapidly growing, MASH needed an advertising agency that could keep them positioned as the number one urgent care provider.
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Cupid’s Change of Plans

Valentine’s Day is the same day every year, right? If you answered yes, unfortunately you would be mistaken (and at this point, possibly in the dog house if you don’t realize you’ve already missed it).  Even though Valentine’s Day is always on February 14th, […]

Sports: They’re Part of Who We Are

The Super Bowl. No one could argue that it’s the most watched sporting event of any year, especially after last year’s game had 111.5 million viewers and broke viewership records, according to Nielsen.  If I know the SKM crew like I think I do, […]

Why Words Matter

“Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.” – The Buddha

While a tad dramatic to use in a blog about advertising, this quote is an accurate depiction of my profession. When […]

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2014: Closing the Book on a Year Full of New

We’re proud to say that 2014 was a year of growth at SKM Group, both literally and figuratively.

1. New Local Clients
Local businesses Northtown Automotive Group, Caplugs, NOCO Energy Corp and Louie’s Texas Red Hots joined our list of clients from across the country. Our […]

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Natural Ideas for Natural Gas

Our friends at NOCO Energy Corp wanted to develop television spots to run during Buffalo Sabres games that would promote their service as a natural gas supplier. While many in Western New York are already enjoying savings on their natural gas supply through NOCO’s […]

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Donating Our Time and Talents to Help a Special Little Boy

Before becoming a parent I thought stories about sick children were sad; since having my son three years ago, I find them terrifying. Good health is something I’ve learned never to take for granted; when Mason has a common ailment like a fever or […]

A Commercial Success

Our client, TOPS Friendly Markets, is celebrating one year of local ownership and tasked SKM to produce a series of commercials to help commemorate the anniversary. When I had the opportunity to join the TOPS team on the shoot to learn more about the […]